Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Love Digital!

As promised, here are some layouts that I had worked on last night. I had done four and I want to do more! :)

There are just so many things that I love about digital. I read somewhere on the net that digital scrapbooking is just like traditional scrapbooking without the mess. How true! And that's why I'm loving it... :)

Joy & Blessing
1. Patterned Paper by Pattie Knox
2. Fiber (brightened) & metal flowers from
3. 'Joy & Blessings' sentiment by Michelle Shefveland & Doris Castle (
4. 'LOVE' Gellin Dots by (Sweet Sprinkles)
5. Heart-shaped brad by Lisa Howell

I Love You Forever
1. Blue dotted patterned paper by Kellie Mize
2. The other patterned paper by (Festival)
3. Stitches by Shandy Vogt
4. Slides by (Sweet Sprinkles)
5. 'I Love You' inked sentiment by (Sweet Sprinkles)
6. 'Forever' alphabets by (Festival)
7. Photo corner by scrapgirls (Refresh)
8. Ribbon by Lisa Howell (LoveBirds)

Hopes & Dreams
1. Patterned Paper by zazou (Juicy Strawberries)
2. 'Hopes & Dreams' sentiment by Michelle Shefveland & Doris Castle (
3. Alpha Titles (Me, Live, Dream, Believe) by Tonya Doughty (scrapgirls)
4. Tag by zazou
5. Ric rac from
6. Dotted gellin by (Sweet Sprinkles)
7. Pink dotted ribbon by (Sweet Sprinkles)

Naughty But Nice
1. 'Good laugh' quote by Katie Pertiet
2. 'LOVE' paper (resized) by
3. 'Naughty' alphabets from (recoloured)
4. Dotted gellin by
5. Chipboard heart by Amanda Roberts
6. Patterned paper by
7. Circled striped patterned paper by
8. Pink textured paper by Lisa Howell (Love Birds)
9. MA Sexy font (but nice)
*all products are from Sweet Sprinkles*

Old Stuff

Friday, June 01, 2007

Going Digital

Just thought I would try doing digital layouts and see how it works. I don't think it would be too hard cause I love graphic design and Adobe Photoshop is totally my best friend, but we'll see how everything goes. Been downloading free digi kits all day, so basically I can't wait to start. :)

Finally, An Update!

I love this one. There are just so many things I love. Firstly, the title. At first I was stuck on how to do the title bit but later decided to do the L a bit bigger than the rest. At first, it was only supposed to be 'Loved' but later on, I added 'So', so that the title becomes 'So Loved', which is so true. :) It works, if I do say so myself. And I love the heart brads I put as embellishments. I also love the patterned paper! But what I love the most is the journaling, which says, 'Dina, you are one lucky girl to be so loved by many people in your life. So don't ever lose that lovin' feeling sweetie, because as we all grow older, we will always be there for you. And that's a promise.'

This one is titled 'Gadget Girl' but I think you couldn't really make it out since I used light yellow paper for the title. Ooops, my bad! It looked really nice at first but after a while, it just looked plain weird especially since I used some heart stuff over the top title, so all you can see are the hearts that looked as if they're floating around. But I love that strip of paper I put on the left-hand side. And I love the layering of the picture. :) The journaling reads: 'Dina, it amazes us to see you so easily fascinated by gadgets. Handphones are always your fave and we used it to our advantage when we wanted you to come to us.'

I love the simplicity of this one. At first I thought I didn't want to use any patterned paper but that proved to be so hard so in the end I used it anyway. I keep this one simple. The only embellishment I used is the flower sequins. I like the journaling stripes eventhough that got a little messed up. :( The best part is the title. I like! The journaling reads: 'Elise, you are like rainbow, brightening someone's day after a rainy day. And that is why I love you...'

Four more to come. Will upload them later... :)