Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Speed Scrap and a Template Challenge!!!

I managed to do another speed scrap! Yay!! I'm telling you, it's really fun. Not to mention addicting too. LOL!! Anyway, here's the layout that I did during the speed scrap. It was REALLY challenging and halfway through I decided that I did not like the way the LO turned out but it was too much of a hassle to start all over again, so I tweaked a little bit here and there and it turned out gorgeous! (Well, if I do say so myself. Heheh). Anyway, I used stuff from Sweet Digi Scraps' Girl Grab Bag July (available until 24th July). Go and grab it!! The stuff are awesome!


There's an ongoing Tuesday Template challenge at ScrapMatters right now, hosted by Kate. I supplied the template this time around, so if you wanna pick it up, go and grab it at this thread. Can't wait to see what you guys came up with! Here's what I did and I used Britt's Tiny Cowgirl kit. That is one awesome kit!


Until next time, take care guys!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm On A Roll!!

I scrapped three layouts today. Woohoo!! And that is when I'm still in the office by the way. Yes, I have nothing else to do and that's why I scrapped. LOL! I'm gonna miss times like this when the new semester starts soon..


I'm off to actually do some work!! :D

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Creative Team Layouts!

Okay, this time around, I would love to share my CT layouts instead of the ones I made. They are awesome!! Here you go..

Aren't they gorgeous?? I'm proud to have them scrapping alongside me.. Anyway, just wanted to remind you guys that both template packs (The Chosen One: Set Two & Triple Threat: Set Two) are now available in my store at ScrapMatters. They are only $2.99 per pack!!

The Chosen One & Triple Threat!

Hey guys, I have these template packs up in my store right now. The images are clickable, so if you would like to get your hands on the template packs, just click on them. If you want a chance at winning them, check out this thread! I'm giving some away!!

I'll be back later to post some LOs made by my awesome team members. They are all gorgeous, I swear! Right now, I'm running like a chicken who had lost her head. So many things to do, so little time to do it. *sighs*

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Introducing My New CT Members!

I had a really tough time choosing and I didn't even get a hundred like some other designers, which was kinda nice cos turning down people sucks! I really hated doing it, but oh well, it has to be done. Anyway, these girls are rocking, big time. They are already working with my brand new template packs (to be released on the 19th), and I'm loving them all!!

To celebrate them joining my team, I have a template freebie for you guys, and yes... it's from the above announcement. Nice, eh? (Well, if I do say myself! LOL!!)

I'm off for the day, guys! Have fun and happy scrapping!

P.S: Thanks to Zakirah of Matahati Designs for her use of paper and flowers in the announcement!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some Recent LOs and CT News!

Oh wow!! I had been busy, busy, busy like a bee. What with CT layouts, designing templates and also organizing my own CT, I haven't been able to do much of anything else. But it's cool, I love this kind of busyness, you know. And thank goodness it's a semester break right now or I would drop dead. Like, seriously! This week, I'm off from work (yay!) but next week it will be back to work. Oh gosh, there was never a day when I wished I could just stay at home and be a stay-at-home single person. LOL..

Anyway, here are some of my recent LOs..

[Credits: Twitter Blossoms by Sugarplum Paperie]

[Credits: It's A Charmed Life by Matahati Designs]

[Credits: Sea Breeze by Becki Kress & Little Mrs. Liz, Jael'icious Template Pack by Chrissy W]

I will have two templates pack coming out soon in my store, so do look out for that. My own CT members are already working hard on their LOs and I'm loving them all. And oh yeah, you might ask who I had chosen for my CT? Look out for the announcement... SOOOOON!! I love them all and already feel so blessed to have them on my team.. :)

And oh, if you're a Sugarplum Paperie fan, this is a deal you must check out!! The image is linked to Nicole's store..

And speaking of Sugarplum Paperie, I just have to mention this: I met Jessy last Saturday!! It was really nice to meet her IRL, especially when it's not really planned. And yes, just in case you were wondering, we were at a local scrapbook store. Or at least a store operating from home. Don't worry, I'm not going the paper route, just thought I would check it out cos the owner is my sister's internet friend and her shop was launching that day, so we thought of going to support her and whatnot. I did buy a chipboard album and I can't wait to start working on them, so do look out for it in a couple of weeks or so. Or maybe in a couple of months. LOL!

Oh well, better sign off now and get back to work.. :) Have fun, guys!

Monday, July 14, 2008

FOBTY - Dream Vacation

I don't know what it is about United Kingdom, but it has been been a dream of mine to go there for as long as I can remember. I just love the idea of being there. My parents lived there back in the 70s, and mum was like, "When you get there, all you would like to do is come back home!" But you know what, I would still love to go there..

Here's a photo of my parents when they went back to UK for my dad's work thingy.

Another place I would love to visit would be Austria. I saw my parents' photos when they visited that country last year and I was totally hooked! Here's a photo..

The best vacation I had ever had so far was of course when my family and I went to Indonesia last August. It was a really fun week, filled with fun times and family closeness..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Wordart Packs!

Hey guys, I know my design name is Sya's Blueprints, but I decided to branch out into wordarts as well. I have been playing around and it's really fun! Can't wait to do more... Anyway, here are two packs that I have in store right now.. *images are clickable*

Happy weekend guys! The internet at home is unreliable right now and I'll be off from work next week for a couple of days.. Looking forward to more scrapping. Yay!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Woot! Who doesn't love fireworks right?? I love it, especially when it's so colourful and it's something unusual. How I wished there are fireworks like the ones in Lord of the Rings. Anyway, here's what my chosen fireworks said about myself and I have to say that all of it are true. I am a loyal person, so what else can I say? Hehehe..

What Your Fireworks Say About You

You are deeply passionate about a few things in your life.

Everything else, you couldn't care less about.

Your passions tend to hold steady over time. If anything, they intensify.

Once you hold on to something (or someone), you don't let go!

Monday, July 07, 2008

LO Share!

Hi guys, here are some of my recent LOs..

This is for Zakirah's Saturday Special challenge at ScrapMatters, where we have to dig up our past and journal about what we had learnt from it and what had changed, etc, etc.. I used Britt's I'm A Dreamer kit for this one and also some other goodies..

This is a photo of my brother and our niece, fooling around when we went out for dinner a couple of months ago. It is so rare to see Syara (my niece) playing with his uncle that I just had to scrap this. I use Let's Connect colab for this one and it's available at Sugarplum Paperie. Seriously wonderful colab kit.. :)

This is a photo from yesterday's so-called photoshoot that I did with my niece. She is so camera-friendly and it makes my heart go pitter-patter. I was standing up and she was sitting to put on her shoes. I called out to her to look up and she gave me this adorable look. I *heart* her!! I used Sugarplum Paperie's awesome new kit, Twitter Blossoms.

This is a layout I made using Andrea's cute kit, Little Lovebirds. At first I was a bit hesitant to mix the yellow with pink and blue but I think it turned out cute. Love it!

Til then guys, toodles and happy scrapping!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Call for Template Lovers and New Releases!

Do apply if you're interested!! It's just gonna be a small team, probably 6, and the requirements are easy! It doesn't matter if you're just a beginner, do apply anyway!

Anyway, I have two brand new template packs in the store now. Go and check them out! *images are clickable!*

And just because, here's a freebie template for you..