Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Release: Learning Curve & Vellum Strips!

*climbs out from under the rock*

Gosh, I had been soooo busy, it's not even funny. There were tons of papers to mark and not to mention that I was busy preparing myself to be a postgraduate student. Yes, I registered for Master's classes on the 20th and will be starting classes in the first week of January. That's gonna keep me busy for a while. Kinda scared at the thought of going back to school but at the same time, I'm excited for this new chapter of my life.

So anyway, without further ado, here are my new releases this week. First up is the Learning Curve, a kit with a burst of primary colors amidst all the winter ones. It's a bit learning-centric but still perfect for other pages as well. Anyway, a few weeks ago, my niece came over and proudly showed off her new kindergarten uniform, hence this kit. I can't believe my niece is big enough to start going to kindy! It seems like it was only yesterday that she was born, and then toddling around, babbling, etc, etc.. Time flies too fast!! (In Malaysia, new school year starts in January)

Until the end of December, you can get the kit for only $3.50. That's 36% off. You can get it either at SM or SUN.

I also have these word art type elements in my stores right now, called Vellum Strips. There are two versions right now: girls and boys. I had so much fun with these, and definitely will be coming up with more soon... :) Anyway, until the end of December, you can get these for only $1 each!

(SM / SUN)

(SM / SUN)

Before I leave, here's an addon to Learning Curve!

Download Here

Have a great day/night guys!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, not mine though. I'm just pimping out Matahati Designs' sale, in conjuction of the 12 Days of Christmas event at Scrap Orchard. Go and check it out!!

While you're there, check out her December Grab Bag too, packed full of goodies. Here's a layout I made using items from the bag.

And don't forget to check out her blog for these quickpages. They are awesome, aren't they?

Oh well, back to work now. Just a little bit more to finish, then I'm done. Then I can scrap and design, etc, etc.. :D Have a good day everyone!

Monday, December 01, 2008

My Blog Train Winner!

Thanks to, poster #1 was chosen. And it's.....


Congrats!! An email had been sent to you. Enjoy!

Friday, November 28, 2008

New Release: Black Friday Grab Bag!!

*If you're here for the SM blog train, look below this post. There's a chance for you to win a GC to my store too!!*

Hey guys, it's grab bag time again. Don't you just love grab bags?? I know I do, especially if they're by my favourite designers. Anyway, especially for Black Friday, I've managed to pack three template packs and one element pack into my grab bag, for one low price: $3!! Here's a sneak peek.. It's available both in SM and SUN! (p.s: The price of the grab bag at SUN was shown as $6 but it's really only $3!!)

Here are some inspiration from my team members:

by Melissa. I love babies. 'Nuff said.. :D

by Melissa.

by Stefanie. She used the new Daily Download kit, Espresso Yourself. The first of the download had begun here. Check back often for more goodies!!

by Stefanie. She used Comfort & Joy, the free with purchase kit from SM.

by Linz. Here's another boy who is so cute with curly hair. I think I can stare at his photos forever!

by Kim. She was on a roll and scrapped THREE. Well, with a girl like Kenzie, it's hard NOT to scrap, isn't it?

by Kim. She used All Loved Up for this one..

by Kim. She used Espresso Yourself.

by Wolf, using All Loved Up

Here are two hybrid pages from Wolf. Awesome, isn't it?

Here are some more layouts from my team, using All Loved Up..

by Melissa

by Linz

by Kim

by Me!

I just realized while uploading these photos that Kim, Linz and I were using the same template from Gimme Some Space! LOL!! But it's awesome how different each one looked like, right? Well, that's the beauty of templates I must say.. :D

Are you guys tired already? I guess I am too.. LOL!! Now I'm off to take a break before I have to continue marking my students' papers. And oh yeah, I'll be joining the blog hop too. There are really some seriously awesome goodies out there! So, toodles guys!

Hop on the Blog Train.... SM Style!!

You have come to stop #19! If you had followed the track carefully, you would have come from Heather's blog.

So anyway, how was your Thanksgiving? Hope it was a good one. I don't celebrate Thanksgiving but there's no reason why I can't count my blessings, right? So anyway, let's talk about Christmas tradition. I don't celebrate Christmas, but I do love Christmas season. There's just something really magical about it. Well, maybe not so in Malaysia, but I would have loved to experience Christmastime somewhere abroad, where I can experience snow and all those things that I know relates to Christmas. So anyway, what I love about Christmas (eventhough I don't celebrate) is the Christmas movies. I love, love, love Christmas movies, eventhough some of them can be cheesy. But it's all in the name of fun. What I love the most about Christmas movies is that they are usually about families and something about believing. I had just finished watching a tv movie called Christmas Do-Over, where this guy had to live through Christmas Day over and over until he finally fixed his mistakes and gets it right. There's certainly a lesson to be learnt from that movie!

Anyway, what about you guys? Do you love Christmas movies too? If so, what are they? Leave a comment here and you might just end up with a GC to my store!!

Well, if you just come here for the goodies, here they are: two 5x7 cards, made using the Comfort & Joy collab kit, which you can get for free with $10 purchase at ScrapMatters. I would have done some more fab but time is not on my side.. :( Anyway, I purposely kept them simple so that you can embellish it to your hearts' content.. :)

Download Here

Now that you have downloaded mine, go on to visit Kate. Have fun at the rest of your train stops!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Lot of Stuff Happening This Weekend!!

It's Black Friday, baby!

Well, we don't have Black Friday over here in Malaysia, but who cares! I'm celebrating anyway. LOL! Can't wait to hit all the sales. I'm not gonna spend much cos I still have some kits left from DSD that I haven't scrapped with yet, but I am gonna be hunting for some bargain.

Speaking of bargain, don't forget to visit ScrapMatters! DSD at SM was kinda quiet but we're going with a bang for Black Friday. We'll be having a 40% storewide sale during the weekend, along with a free with purchase kit too. It's an awesome kit, seriously! I haven't had the time to scrap with it yet (will do that later tonight) but do check back for a blog train starting from the SM Team Blog on Black Friday if you wanna score some free goodies. The whole team had come up with lots and lots of goodies for you guys. You don't wanna miss this. And oh, if you notice, there's a mention of grab bags on the ad. I finished mine and if you wanna score it BEFORE it's released in the store, go and check out this thread.

There will be a new daily download kit, in which I collabed along with Maria of ScrapMuss Designs, Tater of Designs by Tater and also Wendy of WMSquared Designs. It was a lot of fun. I'm starting the first round, on Black Friday itself, so don't forget to check out this forum to get your kit. Be quick though, the link is only available for 24 hours! Here's a taste of the full kit you'll be getting by the end of the daily download.

And hey, did you notice the new link at the site, under 'My Store' header? Oh yeah baby, I'm a Sunshine Girl now. Yay!! I was one of the few designers who got the spot after the final round of Project Sunshine. My store is still a bit bare but I am working on loading on more products, which means now you can go and get my Mission 4 kit, All Loved Up at SUN. If you purchase it before 4th December, you can get the quickpages for free! So hurry!

Before I forget, SUN is having their Black Friday sale early, so go there and score some great goodies. I swear, the store is really hopping cos the designers keep on putting in good stuff.

Well, I think that's all. I think I need to go and sleep now. It's 5.30pm over here and besides from the 2 hours of nap just before lunchtime earlier, I haven't even slept a wink since last night. Ugh, not good for the body. So toodles guys!

p.s: Have you guys checked out Elemental Scraps lately? That place is hopping! I love it!! My beloved ES is back!! :D

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mission 4: All Loved Up and More Gimme Some Space!

Hey guys, just wanted to show you my Mission 4 kit, just in case you haven't seen it yet. I am very proud of this one. My last full kit (It's A Girl's World) took me about a month to make (yes, it's true!!) so to have this done in under a week with only 30% CU assistance is a miracle in itself. I seriously patted myself in the back after I finished uploading everything. Anyway, this kit is NOT gonna be a free download but it will be available in my store soon, so just stay tuned, alright? (p.s: I'm SOOOOO in love with the alpha!!)

Anyway, my newest template pack, Gimme Some Space is now back at regular price. Here are some more layouts that my team made using that set..

by Melissa

by Melissa

by Jacinda

by Kim

by Kim

Toodles for now peeps! Have a nice day or night!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Release: Gimme Some Space!

Well, white space, that is. If you love white space layouts, then this template pack is for you. For this weekend only, the price is $1! Get it while it's hot, peeps!! Click here to go to the store. There's also a commercial use version here...

And here's what my awesome team scrapped with it...

by Linz

by Linz

by Jacinda

by Diana

by Diana

I don't really scrap with this, just wanna share the LOs that I based the templates on.. :D (It didn't look so white-spacey in the size that I scrap. Oh well...)

Click on each LO for credits..

Also for this weekend, I've put two of my wordarts pack on sale for $1 each. If you didn't have yet, this is the time to grab it!!

Word Up: Hearts

Word Up: Talents

And oh, with a new release, comes a new gift for my blog readers. This week, I have this fun alpha set for you guys. I was playing around with glitter one day and this is the product. I named it Sprinkled Alpha cos the glitter sprinkles reminded me of the sprinkles on cookies.. LOL! Anyway, I hope that you can find a use for it.. Do leave some love if you download.. :D

Download Here

p.s: I made it to the final round of Project Sunshine!! Yay!! I worked on my kit last night and had to say that I'm pleased with the results. The kit is not gonna be free download though, but do stay tuned! Even if I didn't win a spot at SUN, I'm gonna release it to public during the Black Friday festivities at SM.. :)

Toodles for now everyone. Gonna squeeze in some working time. Had to do something for my boss, due on Monday. Yikes!! Have a good day or night!!