Thursday, July 30, 2009

7/30 FOBTY - National Cheesecake Day!

Wow! I never knew that there's a National Cheesecake Day. Seriously, all the days that people came up with. But that gives us a reason to celebrate, right? LOL! So anyway, I totally love cheesecake. It's definitely up there at the top of the list of my favourite cake, just second to chocolate cakes. There are of course many, many types of cheesecakes out there but my favourite would be the plain one. Seriously. There's really nothing better than plain ol' cheesecake for me.

Darn it! Now I want some cheesecake!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

FOBTY 7/23

You Like Names That Are Popular and Modern

You prefer names you've heard quite a bit and know well. It's possible that you like the idea of naming someone after a friend. Your taste in names is very mainstream. You don't like odd names at all. You'd rather share a name with someone you know than be stuck with a weird name.

Some female names you might like: Amber, Erica, Kristen, Lauren, Megan, Tara, and Vanessa

Some male names you might like: Brett, Christian, Jason, Kyle, Logan, Scott, and Trevor

What Kind of Names Do You Like?

Oh, this is so true. Whenever I meet someone with a so-called 'unique' name, the first thing that would come to mind was 'WTH??'. LOL!! And I hated it when some really usual name is spelled in an unusual way, like how people tend to do it nowadays. As a teacher, it's very hard for me to grasp on how to spell the name.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Releases: Dynamic Duo Set 4 & Word UP: Christmas!

Hi and Happy Friday everyone!!

For this week, I have two brand new releases for you guys!! First up is a new set of templates called Dynamic Duo Set 4, which is perfect for when you wanted to use two photos in your layouts. And in conjunction of ScrapMatters 'Christmas in July' sale starting from 7/17 to 7/21, where all Winter/Christmas products will be on sale for 25%, so to celebrate, I designed a pack of Christmas wordarts called Word UP: Christmas. Check out both items below!!

Here's what I created with the template AND the wordart (using WM[Squared] Designs' new Holiday Cheer!!)

And here are the layouts that my creative team came up with! They are awesome, as usual...

They are all gorgeous, aren't they?? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about the sale that I'm currently having at Sunshine Studio Scraps. I'm closing up my store at SUN and you get to reap the benefits by saving 50% on all products! Hurry, the offer will last until the end of the month only.

And oh, here's a little gift for you!!

That's it for today, folks. I gotta go and sleep cos I gotta wake up early for my class tomorrow!

FOBTY 7/17

You Should Spend Your Summer in the Mountains

You're quiet, introspective, and a great thinker. You need a summer vacation that gets you away from the crowds and the heat. So retreat to the mountains, where you can clear your head.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7/10 FOBTY and a Sale!!

So, for this week's FOBTY, we were asked to talk about the weather. At my side of the world, it has been mostly unpredictable. We had hot spells a few weeks back and suddenly it's raining all the time nowadays. This unpredictable weather makes it easy for us to get sick. I definitely had my turn last week! It wasn't good at all but I'm thankful that I'm now better than ever... :)

Anyway, just wanna tell you, don't forget to check out the Christmas in July sale over at ScrapMatters starting from 7/17 to 7/21. You don't wanna miss getting those awesome Christmas and Winter items for a low price. And it's not only the old items that are gonna be on sale, there are some new ones too. You should definitely see some of the items that the designers came up with this week!

p.s: If you're a customer at my SUN shop, stay tuned! I have a sale announcement happening there too, soon! :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

New Releases: The Chosen One Set 4 & Scattered Circles

Hi and Happy Friday everyone!!

This week, I have two brand new releases. One of them is The Chosen One Set 4, which are perfect if you like to only use one photo in your layouts or would just like to keep the focus on only one photo. After I was done with this, I sat back and realized that I have definitely come a long way from when I first designed The Chosen One Set 1. Wow! I'm also releasing a new set of clipping masks called Scattered Circles. If you love the look of scattered circles on your layouts, give this set a try! (You can also get both sets at my SUN store!)

Here's a layout that I made using both sets of the templates:

And here are other layouts that my awesome team made:

by Stefanie

by Stefanie

by Kim

by Kim

by Diana

by Jen

In other news, have you checked out SM yet? If you haven't, go and check it out now!! We kicked off our 4th of July by having some really awesome sale, and also not forgetting the hybrid kickoff, plus free-with-purchase offer. Make sure that you don't miss it cos the sale is only until 7/6!!

Here's the MEGA template pack that you'll receive with $20 purchase! (And when I say MEGA, it's really HUGE. There are 40 templates in this pack!!)

'Til then, bye guys!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009


You Are a Banana Smoothie

You are friendly and popular without even trying to be. People just like you. You are easy to be around and never offend everyone. You're quite mild. You have a warm demeanor, and many people find you to be inviting. You are sympathetic and kind. You have a soft spot in your heart for everyone.