Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Actually Won Something!

Remember the 'This Is Love' LO that I submitted for the Hug Challenge over at Alice Koh Designs? Surprise, surprise, that LO is one of the grand prize winners! I won $20 GC to spend at her shoppe and I can't wait to spend it. Imagine how I felt when I checked my inbox this morning and saw the email that said my LO won one of the grand prize! Seriously, I was not expecting to win at all.

This is the layout...

Suddenly I'm missing this big boy nephew of mine so, so much. Can't wait to hug him because if not for his picture,I wouldn't win this! *Happy, happy, happy and no one can destroy my happiness today*

Oh, another good news to share! I would be racing for the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race Season 3 along with Zakirah. I really admired her. Her layouts are fabulous and she had just started digiscrapping last December, so she's way, way better than me. Looking back at the first few layouts I had done when I first discovered digital scrapping was really horibble!! So anyway, to team up with her was really good. She came up with the name 'The GMT 8 Girls' for our team, which was to show that we're on a different time zone from the other scrappers. Can't wait for the race to start!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

S4O-Friendly Designers

If you're into *S4O/S4H (though some prefer the term DD40), go and check out this. Got it off kaylaugh over at DST. She had bookmarked every designer stores that allow S4H use without additional fee. Isn't that great or what? I am in the business as well so it was really nice to know that there are a lot of designers out there that would allow S4H use. No, I am not thinking of going shopping just yet. Eventhough my payment for this month had just come in, I am already happy with the stash I have now. But right now, I'm eyeing this alpha beads by Micheline Martin at SSD...

LOL... of all things, I'm thinking of buying alpha beads? D'uh! Don't blame me; alpha beads are essential. I love them! The ones that I have right now are freebies, so obviously I can't use them for my S4H work. Anyway, I don't need to buy any kits right now since I had just splurged at Polka Dot Potato last week and also at the Melissa Bennett's store at SBB, where I got to buy 2 full-sized kits for the price of one. Oh yeah, I also bought the Gina Cabrera's Lovey Dovey Mega Kit at a great bargain. The retail price was actually $8.99 but I got it for only $3.99 because of their early bird bonus thing. Sweet! (But pity that kit can't be used for S4H cos Gina asked for $50 Paypal fee for commercial licensing and seriously, I don't have that kind of money)

Oh well, all I gotta say is that when you shop, do shop wisely. Look out for deals and sales and bonuses. Oh, and do check out the DST monthly newsletter which you can download on the site. That's where I found out about the Melissa Bennett 50% sale, which was not mentioned in her store...

Till then, toodles and happy scrapping everyone!

* S4O - Scrapping for Others, S4H - Scrapping for Hire (both are synonymous). DD4O is Designing Digitally for Others, if I'm not mistaken.

Why Do I Join Creative Teams?

Here are the reasons...

  1. To achieve my goal to scrap at least 100 layouts before year end. Actually, you know what, maybe I should have changed that to a bigger number because by the rate I'm going right now, I would have 100 layouts before the end of March. LOL... So right now, I'm trying for at least 250 layouts before year end.
  2. I need to scrap all those photos from 2007.. Nuff said!
  3. To get myself out there. I need to be in the know, people need to know what I am capable of. (LOL...)
  4. I get to score the goods! I had always imagined CT members as models parading around with designers' new creation. This is the same thing! We get the goods for free, and that is practically the best thing ever...
  5. It's all about challenging myself. I mean, take a look at both of these layouts that I worked on yesterday...

    Credits here

    Credits here

    They are both different, right? That's what I really like about being in a CT because you have to adapt your style with their stuff. Take for example, the layout 'You Colour Our Lives' (featuring my niece, as usual), I used stuff from Danielle Young's Wonderful Wizard kit (available in Oscraps on the 27th Jan). Well, if you must know, I'm not the type who likes colourful layouts. Usually, I stick to one colour scheme and just work on that, but for this one, I really had so much fun playing around with all the colourful stuff. It was hard, but still fun.

    And now, for the second layout 'Remember', featuring me and my good friend back in uni, I used Lori Wiley's Sweetheart kit. Again, not something that I would usually scrap with (because of the artsy look I guess), but it was a lot of fun creating this. At first I was stuck on how I wanted this to look and it was really driving me crazy, but I love the way it turned out. And when I first started doing it, I did not think about the The Digi Dares challenge #72, but I when I added another butterfly, I was struck by how I could enter this for the challenge. So there I was duplicating everything. I think I got everything... :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Check This Out!

I'm on Danielle Young's CT y'all!! I am super excited right now since I really love her stuff. Awesomeness, I tell you! And oh, another good thing is that a new friend of mine, Zakirah, is also on the team. She's awesome too. Really like her and looking forward to know her more. By the way, I knew about this from her too since she emailed me about it. Sure, Danielle emailed me too but I didn't realize that at first. So, anyway, I had just downloaded her kit, Enamored Heart, and basically I can't wait to play. Look at what's in the kit! Beautiful, right? (LOL... Look at me, pimping her designs already!)

Papers & Elements

Now, moving on, I need to share these two layouts I made using Ruby Rynne's wonderful Winter Tale kit.

Credits here & here

I entered the 'Love' layout for the Hug Challenge at Alice Koh Designs. Not hoping to win anything but if I do, I'll let you know. :) It was a great fun nonetheless to work on the layout.

Okay, now I'm off to do some work-related stuff so that I can scrap more tonight. LOL...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Something Funny...

This is my entry for The Digi Dares #71. It is to scrap about something funny that had happened to you or someone you know. This LO is about when my brother's drink got mixed up when the person who took his orders literally. He asked for Honeydew Juice but said it in Malay Language instead (which is Tembikai Susu - Tembikai=Watermelon, Susu=Milk), so he got WATERMELON JUICE MIXED WITH MILK!!! ROTFL...

Anyway, I really love The Digi Dares. Looking back at their archives, I found some very nice, fun challenges. So right now I'm challenging myself to do some of the past dares. Just for fun...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Layouts for CTs

Okay, I have some layouts to share here...

This is the layout I made using Mama Mia's My Dearest Mini Kit. I am just so in love with the papers I could die. Seriously good stuff here. :)

And here are the layouts I made using Marianne Wahlberg's Winter Rainbow kit. She had a one kit CT call and when I saw her stuff, I just jumped at the chance. Thankfully, she let me play around with the kit, which was soooo wonderful!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Layouts for Today...

Template by Hom74 for TDC's Sketch Challenge / Papers by Lindsay Jane (Autumn Falls Paper Pack) / Embroidered flower by Scraps Up (Tangerine Truffles) / Pin by designs by krista (Heartfelt) / Gumble Scraps' Alpha (Fearless Life)

Credits : Papers and frame from Lindsay Jane's Moss Garden Mini Kit / Orange tape, flowers and notebook paper from Karen Lewis' Flutter Add On / Heidi Williams' Acrylic buttons / Michelle Coleman's Stamped Alpha / Laura Kaye's 'You' Charm / Graziela Mendes' Glitter Frame

Credits: Flergs' Mini Kit (Strawberry Delight) used for her CT Call, except for the staples (Petit Moineaux), labels (MyAngel236) and the page mat (Misty Cato).

Go Crazy at the Potato Bar!

Seriously! Polka Dot Potato is having this thing they called Potato Bar where you can buy your digital scrapbooking supplies for just $0.99! The best part is that they have new storewide TOU and all items are S40-friendly! Yours truly is happy, happy, happy and can't wait to do some damages to her CC. (Well, don't worry, I have set a limit to myself or else I'm gonna suffer when it comes to payment next month)

And oh, good news, I have been accepted as Guest CT for Mama Mia for the month of January and February. Can't wait to start playing around with her stuff.

This is one happy day for me!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Layouts...

I know that I was hit by scrapbooking bug when I failed to get to sleep. Seriously, last night I only slept for like 4 hours. And that was only after 6am. Sheesh, this is so unhealthy! But the results? I have layouts to share!!

Six - Credits
Feet - Credits
For TDC's Sketch Challenge #52

Enjoy - Credits
For TDC's Sketch Challenge #67

Mother - Credits
For LDD's Heart-filled Challenge.
This Must Be Love - Credits

This is like the first time I ever entered any challenge. I really had fun with the LDD's Heart-filled Challenge. Actually, when I first started out, I did not have that challenge in mind but I had already finished the layout when I decided that it's way too bland and needed some 'oomph!'. That was when I remembered the Heart-filled challenge and decided to go with it. I really like the result. And I am so in love with the kit! Such nice girly colour. Looking forward to use it more. :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

I Bought My First Kit!

Indeed, today is a very proud day for me because after all these time of downloading freebies, I finally bought my first kit.

And I am so in love with it!!

Actually, I accidentally added it to my cart at Peppermint Creative and when I wanted to download the January monthly kit 'After Midnight' that they have over there, the Spring Jelly Bean (April 2007 kit, if I'm not mistaken), was also checked out. And when the screen shows the login for Paypal, I just decided, what the heck. It's only USD $1.00 by the way. More or less RM3 je. So darn cheap!

Seriously, cannot tahanlooking at all the beautiful kits. Have to remind myself to get a grip or else I will be left with no money pulak nanti.


Wow... my last post was last August. Goes to show how busy my life is that I just couldn't find the time to scrap anymore. But for 2008, I made a promise to myself to scrap more. There are lots of good photos from last year waiting to be scrapped. So that shall be my goal for 2008. Let's see whether I can complete at least 100 layouts before year end. Right now, I have about 76 in my collection so by 31st Dec 2008, I should have at least 176. But from the rate I am going right now, I think I'm gonna have a lot more. Hahaha... After all, I am taking the minimalist approach now, which means that all my layouts will be clean and simple, with not much fuss. I don't have time for fussy things right about now, so minimalist approach is the best for me. I would have loved being able to use lots of elements on my page, but sometimes I felt like it's very hard to do. Tak reti la! But it's okay, I'm just gonna take one step at a time and see where it leads me to.