Friday, May 29, 2009

New Release: Take Me to the Movies

Hi, everyone!! For the new release this week, I had the opportunity to work with Michelle of MickeyB Designs to come up with this awesome, awesome kit targeted for Date/Movie Nights. But as usual, it is uber versatile for any other type of layouts as well. As you can see, this kit is perfect for those date nights or movie nights and also for photos of your trips to Universal Studios and the likes. Awesome, huh?
Get it now, either at my SM store or SUN store!

Here's a layout that I made:

Here are other layouts that my creative team made...

If you think it's only for movies type of layout, think again! Here's a cute one by Kate...

Before I leave you, here's a gift for you today: a set of wordarts that are related to movies. I had so much fun working on these and I hope that you'll have fun using these too... :) Anyway, do check out Michelle's blog as well for a little add-on...

Download Here

Till I see you guys again. I'm off to enjoy the company of my brother and his family. Tomorrow is the weekend and the whole family is gonna be gathered together again. I can't wait!!! And oh, please, please pray that I will get a new set of DSLR by tomorrow... :)

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5/28 FOBTY

We don't have summer here in Malaysia so there's no long summer holidays , but the school kids will be on holiday for the next two weeks. As for me, the university that I'm working at will be starting its new semester in a couple of days so I'll be working my butt off, definitely.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Release: Sisters for Life!

I am so excited for the new release this week because it's with none other than with one of the designers I had always admired: Brittney of Britt-ish Designs!! *Squeeeee* So, without further ado, here's a kit born out of our mutual love of the ABC TV show, Greek...

Get it now either at my store at SUN or Britt's store at SM!

Anyway, I love how versatile this kit is. You can use it for your sorority photos, sisterly photos or just about every kind of girly photos. Awesome, huh? Just my kind of kit... *grins*

Anyway, here are some inspiration to tempt and tease you...

by Me
(I would have to do another one of my other sister or else she'll get jealous. LOL!!)

by Jacinda

by Erin

Here are more from my awesome creative team:

I was thinking of offering the add-on through my newsletter but due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm offering it on my blog instead. Don't worry, all the current newsletter subscribers will get a little something from me too... :D

Don't forget to check out Britt's blog too, for another add-on!"See" you and have a nice day ahead... eventhough it's night time over here in Malaysia.. :)

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FOBTY 5/21 May

For the FOBTY this week, we're supposed to tell about some of the memories that you don’t want to forget about May 2009. For me, it's definitely the fact that I got through my first ever postgraduate exam. It was tough but I'm glad I made it. Just hoping that my results will be satisfactory. I don't have high hopes for straight As, but we'll see.. Just hoping for the best right now, whatever it may be.

Another event in may was of course the day my beloved nephew turned 2. We celebrated his birthday a day earlier but he ended up being sick that day so he was extremely cranky and clingy. The best thing was that when the cake was brought out, he was immediately in a happy, party mood...

Sneak Peek!!

Hey peeps,
Here's a peek for you for the release of my new collab kit tomorrow. Now I'm off to do a layout on that said kit... (Sad, I know but I had been busy!!)

See you tomorrow!! Don't forget to sign up for the mailing list if you wanna get the add-on for free... :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sign up for my mailing list!!

Hey guys,
I've taken the plunge to have my own mailing list or newsletter or whatever. It's still a trial and error process on my part so hopefully I'll be able to do something much better sooner or later. Anyway, if you want to be updated about my new releases, get exclusive freebies and exclusive coupon for saving, please sign up. For this week, I have an add-on to my latest kit, a collaboration with a fellow SM designer (who shall not be named just yet.. LOL!!) and you don't wanna miss that!

To sign up, just go here and enter your name and email address..

Thanks and enjoy your day, peeps!!

p.s: I'm so happy that Kris Allen won American Idol. I was totally rooting for him!! *grins*

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Release: Movie-spiration

Whew!! I had such a busy day today which resulted in me taking a break from the computer for the whole day. That's totally unheard of! LOL!! Anyway, I was glad for the break. Seriously, my eyes were getting a bit bleary from staring too much at the screen.

Let's get down to business! For this week, I had released a template set based on movie posters. If you love the look of story board in your layouts, then this template set is just perfect for you. All through this weekend, it's only $1.00, so go and get it now, either at ScrapMatters or Sunshine Studio Scraps!!

Align Center

Here's a layout I made using one of the templates:

Here's a cute one by Melanie, from SM CT

Love this colorful one by Jolene.

And here are the rest of the layouts by my awesome CT!

Okay guys, I'm off now to watch the finale of Akademi Fantasia. I'm so excited and hoping that my favorite contestant (Akim) will be at least the second place winner! :)

FOBTY 5/14

For FOBTY this week, it's about Star Wars. I remembered watching the films when I was younger but have not even watched the newer ones. So anyway, my Star Wars name is Aisro Azjoh and my title is Nalstr of Anilam.. :D

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grab Bag Revealed!

Hey guys,
It's 1.20 am here and I am typing this post right now or otherwise I would forget tomorrow! Anyway, I am now officially done with my first semester of postgraduate study in UM. Yay!! Only God knows how relieved I am. I'll be anxiously waiting for the results to come out but for now, I'll just enjoy my free time. I only have a week left of work-related stuff to do, then I'm thinking of taking a week off from work. Can't wait!

We went to the mall and Toys R Us just now and bought presents for my nephew's birthday party tomorrow. His birthday is not until the 10th but we're celebrating it a bit early. Hope he'll love what we bought for him. And oh, among other things, we bought this too!

Yes, it's a bubble machine! And no, it's not for our niece or nephew. It's for their young-at-heart uncle and aunties. LOL!! It's totally awesome!!

Anyway, for this week, I don't have any new releases cos I was busy studying my ass off for this paper. But I'm revealing my grab bag goodies today so if for some reason you didn't manage to get it while they were stuffed in the bag, you can now get it individually.

Stacked 'n' Layered Strips (at SM or SUN)

Long 'n' Skinny (at SM or SUN)

Gimme Some Space Set 3 (at SM or SUN)

Coined! (at SM or SUN)

To entice you further, here are some more layouts that my CT had created using these templates...

by Kate

by Judy

by Jolene

by Jen

by Jacinda

I think that's it for now. It's nearly 2.00 am now. I was thinking of scrapping since I have a lot of catching up to do but maybe it's better if I go to sleep. I guess I am more tired than I ever let on and my body is totally aching right now. Ugh!! Anyway, have a nice day, guys! :)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

All Aboard the SM iNSD Blog Train!

Hey guys,

Have you checked out my grab bag yet? There are four templates in there, so for only $3, it's a real bargain! And here's a little something, something to tempt you into buying the grab bag. If you do a layout using any template from the NSD grab bag, you'll have a chance in winning a $10 GC to my store. All you have to do is scrap a layout using one of the templates, upload it to my designer gallery (either at ScrapMatters or Sunshine Studio Scraps) and email me the link(s) to your layout no later than May 7th midnight PST. I will then choose the winner randomly. My email address is: star4dreamATyahooDOTcom. Go and check out my NSD grab bag either at ScrapMatters or Sunshine Studio Scraps!

Anyway, back to the blog train!!

Welcome to Malaysia, where it's either sunny all year round. Well, mostly. LOL! Anyway, if you have been following the blog train correctly, the previous station was Wendy. If somehow you get lost along the way, you can always go back to Andrea's blog to start over!

Today's freebies that we are offering are quickpages that were made using Hawaiian Happy Hour, the mega collaboration kit from ScrapMatters designers, which you can get for free with purchase of over $15. It's such a great deal so go and grab it!

The theme for our blog train today is "My Idea of Paradise". For me, I would say that having time to do my own stuff is definitely my idea of paradise. It's not easy for me to get away to have a real vacation, etc, but having the time to just relax and unwind, even just for a little while is heavenly enough. And god knows with all the classes I have to attend, classes I have to teach, work I have to do, those times are very few to get by. So when I do have time to myself, I really do cherish it.

Before I go on rambling, let me give you my gift for the day: a 5x7 quickpage made using Hawaiian Happy Hour as mentioned before.

Download Here

Here's the layout that I made using the kit and then turned into a QP for you guys. It's of my brother and his DD, when we were in Port Dickson last month.

Now that you've downloaded my part, please make your move to the next station: Stacy!Hope you guys had fun this iNSD! And do enjoy the remaining of the weekend... :)

Friday, May 01, 2009

It's Nearly NSD! It's Grab Bag Time!!

Hey guys,
So, tomorrow is the official NSD. How are you gearing up to it? What are you planning to do? Shopping or scrapping? I'll definitely be scrapping which I hope would help curb me from overspending on things that I don't really need. Seriously, I still have lots of stuff from the last NSD that I bought and haven't had the chance to use. Yikes! (And not to mention stuff from DSD and Black Friday too! Double yikes!)

Anyway, for NSD, I have a grab bag out. This time, they are all templates and only costs $3.00! If you were to buy them separately, it would costs you $12. But hurry though, this deal is only available from 5/1 to 5/4. Then it would be sold separately...

Grab it now, at ScrapMatters or Sunshine Studio Scraps!

Here's a layout I did using one of the templates in the grab bag.

And here are some of the layouts done by my ever so awesome CT girls. They are really rockin' out the GB after a month break I took.. *grins*

Have fun this iNSD guys! Come back again later for blog train stuff... :)