Sunday, August 05, 2007

Updates, with New Layouts!

Hahaha... I've left this blog for so long. There were probably not a lot of people who came here anyway, but I just wanted to have this so that at least my stuff are a bit more organized. I used to post my digital layouts in my main blog but now I have decided to post them here instead. Easier that way. So anyway, here are four that I had worked on this weekend.

Link to credits:
Being Silly / Growing Up / Just a Slight Obsession / Smile

It had been two months since I last discovered digital scrapbooking and I am still loving it more than ever. There is so much to love about it and the best thing is the freebies we get. I really like discovering, downloading, unzipping and organizing them. The only downside is that it took up lots of space on the computer but thankfully I have an external hard disk, so I saved everything in there. I already have one DVD filled to the bursting with goodies and will absolutely back up more later. Right now, I survive on freebies alone but when I get my first paycheck, I'll probably buy a kit. I already have some designers in my mind. Can't wait to purchase stuff pulak... :) Like I need more stuff...

Well, see you next weekend guys, since I've started working now, so I can only scrap on weekends...

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