Sunday, May 04, 2008

This Is The Only Time...

...when the so-called 'shopaholic' in me came out rearing its ugly head!

Hey, give me a break! I rarely spent the money I earned on myself and well, it's officially NSD! Woohoo! Been at the computer since 7pm (Malaysian time of course) and still at it right now at 2am. Yikes! I badly need to go to sleep but how can I when there are things to buy (hehehe..), challenges to do and be a general nuisance in taking down the entire community of digital scrapbooking? LOL..

I managed to get a bit of scrapping done earlier and here they are..

Using the Sunshine Girls' new in-store colab, Delicious

For Kate's Black and White with a Splash challenge at ScrapMatters

For Zakirah's Personality Challenge

For Katie's Speed Scrap Crop (7am session)

SSD Spin-A-Lift chain game

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Karina said...

WOW Beautiful LO