Sunday, March 15, 2009

3/12 FOBTY

For this week's FOBTY's, we were asked about favourite Girls Scout cookies. We do have Girls Scout here in Malaysia but they don't sell cookies. Or if they do, they have never come to our house. LOL! So anyway, my favourite cookie would be chocolate chip cookies. In our home, it's a treat to have chocolate chip cookies cos we rarely do it, eventhough it's super easy to make. Usually we did it during Eid. I remembered one time when us all (me, my siblings, my cousins and my uncle) were gathered together, chatting and laughing together, we managed to finish a whole tin of it at one go. It was kinda funny when I think about it again.. :)

Anyway, I haven't shared some of my own pages here for a long time and here are some...

And oh, just in case you didn't know, I'm having an internet problem right now. Something to do with someone stealing the phone cables. Or something like that. It's stupid cos it had been like that since last week and we expected it to be fixed by the 9th but it's still not fixed. So right now, I'm using the internet in nearby McDonald's. It's 3am now, mind you.. LOL! Oh well, toodles for now. See ya when I see ya! :D

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