Sunday, January 28, 2007

For The Twins

This is the page I did for the twins' autograph book. Definitely love the upper part! But I made a silly mistake there. Did you notice the blue strip? At first, I thought I would punch out some circles and put it there but I didn't have the puncher at that time so I ended up using punched flowers instead. Like I said, silly mistake. I should have left the strip like it is! It would have been better that way, seriously.


*Jeanne* said...

This is so darn cute! I love it! I loved the punched flowers. It is the perfect touch.

Thanks for linking me on your blog. Come out and play at The Scrapbook Chalet! Tell them I sent you. I am sure you would have a blast. Don't be a stranger! lol


linzulkif said...

first time baca blog u terus teruja.. boleh bitau kat mana u beli puncher bentuk flower tu? i pun suka gak benda2 mcm ni..:)

Sya said...

jeanne: thanks for the compliment. :)

lin: puncher tu boleh beli kat mana2 yang ada craft stuff. kat kinokuniya klcc ada, jusco mid valley pun ada. and there are two craft shops kat one utama. one near tgv (according to my sis cos i have not yet check that store out) and another one dekat2 ngan hinode new wing. or if you live near shah alam, there's an art supply store there. just look around. have fun! i had fun with those punches. :)