Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Time to Celebrate!

Hey guys, I haven't released anything in about two weeks!! Real life was just crazy. We (me and my colleagues) were busy setting exam questions but now I'm on leave, for Eid. Anyway, now that the craziness had been left behind, I started to get back in the groove of designing. I'm so excited for this Friday (well, it's Friday already, over here by the way) because SM will be having its 1st birthday celebration. Woohoo!!

I'll be leaving for my hometown tomorrow evening so I wouldn't be able to join in the celebration, which kinda sucks, but I was able to get some stuff together for a grab bag. My own CT and the SM CT are already hard at work with it and they are AWESOME!! I will also have a collab kit in store tomorrow, with a designer that I really admired. I was truly honoured when she asked and offered to collab with me. Who is she, though? That shall remain a secret and all will be revealed tomorrow but for the mean time, here's a sneak peek!

Do stay tuned cos there will be lots of things happening here this weekend! I just have to remember to breathe once in a while cos I haven't even started packing for my trip. Yikes!!

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