Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obsessed... with Vampires!

Currently I am obsessed with the Twilight series!! Went to a bookstore the other week with the intention of buying some magazines but ended up browsing for some books and I saw Eclipse, the third book in the series. Started reading it there and then and I was instantly hooked!! Went to look for the first book cos I didn't want to buy the 3rd book without reading the 1st one, but couldn't find it. I asked around and apparently the books are in the 2nd floor of the bookstore, so I got myself the first two books. I have not even finished reading the first book when I decided to buy the last two books, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, via MPH Online. I just know that I would love it and I am right!! Currently, I'm reading Eclipse and can't wait to start on Breaking Dawn. Will probably do that over Raya.. :)

Anyway, here's a quiz related to vampire for the FOBTY 9/18!

You Could Be a Vampire... If You Had To

Like most people, the thought of being a vampire has crossed your mind. But you're not sure if you'd do it, even if you could.

Living forever doesn't sound half bad, if you could live forever with the people you love the most.

But do vampires even love? And would the vampire version of you even be you?

It's all too much to contemplate. Luckily, the chances of you ever becoming a vampire are astronomically low.

What you would like best about being a vampire: Living forever

What you would like least about being a vampire: Blood stained teeth

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SassyPixie said...

I'm on Eclipse too Sya! Almost the end! I gave the 1st 2 books to Ellie and she read the whole series in 5 days! TWICE! hehe