Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthdays, birthdays...

For the 2/5 SSD FOBTY, we were asked to blog about birthdays. Birthdays is definitely one of the moments that I would be waiting for, be it mine or others. Why? Because these are the times when we would be able to indulge in good food and even better company of family members. It's totally fun!! Needless to say, each birthday memories had been stuck in my mind. But I think, the most memorable one would be when my family and I went out for dinner to celebrate my SIL's birthday last year. After we had our dinner, we went back to the car to go home but found out that one of the tires had punctured, leaving us stranded for about an hour. Thankfully we have each other as company so the girls just hang out while the boys worked their butts off to fix the tire. It was so damn funny!

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