Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7/10 FOBTY and a Sale!!

So, for this week's FOBTY, we were asked to talk about the weather. At my side of the world, it has been mostly unpredictable. We had hot spells a few weeks back and suddenly it's raining all the time nowadays. This unpredictable weather makes it easy for us to get sick. I definitely had my turn last week! It wasn't good at all but I'm thankful that I'm now better than ever... :)

Anyway, just wanna tell you, don't forget to check out the Christmas in July sale over at ScrapMatters starting from 7/17 to 7/21. You don't wanna miss getting those awesome Christmas and Winter items for a low price. And it's not only the old items that are gonna be on sale, there are some new ones too. You should definitely see some of the items that the designers came up with this week!

p.s: If you're a customer at my SUN shop, stay tuned! I have a sale announcement happening there too, soon! :)

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