Sunday, November 09, 2008

So I Got Mission #3 Done...

... after about 8 hours of fretting while designing, thinking that I'm not gonna be able to do this. Sheesh! What happens to self-confidence, Sya???? Anyway, I've posted it and now just waiting to see whether I would make it to the final round. Hopefully I would but if I don't, it's still gonna be okay cos I've definitely learnt a lot during this journey. (Oh, what a cliche, but so true though!!)

Here's my submission. I went with the whole suitable for both gender theme cos I couldn't decide whether I want the kit to be girlish or boyish. So I have the stars for the boys and the flowers for the girls and stripes and circles to balance it out. Awesome, huh? (Well, if I do say so myself, LOL!!)

Download Link Here
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Enjoy the kit, guys!! Now I'm off to scrap with it.. :D


Lacey said...

You're awesome & you totally deserve to make it to the final round! Your works is fabulous! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Ben and Bethany said...

Wow, it's funny how hard we can be on ourselves. I just found your stuff and think it is amazing. You are a great at what you do!

fun fliffy said...

thanks sya !! this is fun.. going to grab it