Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grab Bag Revealed!

Hey guys,
It's 1.20 am here and I am typing this post right now or otherwise I would forget tomorrow! Anyway, I am now officially done with my first semester of postgraduate study in UM. Yay!! Only God knows how relieved I am. I'll be anxiously waiting for the results to come out but for now, I'll just enjoy my free time. I only have a week left of work-related stuff to do, then I'm thinking of taking a week off from work. Can't wait!

We went to the mall and Toys R Us just now and bought presents for my nephew's birthday party tomorrow. His birthday is not until the 10th but we're celebrating it a bit early. Hope he'll love what we bought for him. And oh, among other things, we bought this too!

Yes, it's a bubble machine! And no, it's not for our niece or nephew. It's for their young-at-heart uncle and aunties. LOL!! It's totally awesome!!

Anyway, for this week, I don't have any new releases cos I was busy studying my ass off for this paper. But I'm revealing my grab bag goodies today so if for some reason you didn't manage to get it while they were stuffed in the bag, you can now get it individually.

Stacked 'n' Layered Strips (at SM or SUN)

Long 'n' Skinny (at SM or SUN)

Gimme Some Space Set 3 (at SM or SUN)

Coined! (at SM or SUN)

To entice you further, here are some more layouts that my CT had created using these templates...

by Kate

by Judy

by Jolene

by Jen

by Jacinda

I think that's it for now. It's nearly 2.00 am now. I was thinking of scrapping since I have a lot of catching up to do but maybe it's better if I go to sleep. I guess I am more tired than I ever let on and my body is totally aching right now. Ugh!! Anyway, have a nice day, guys! :)

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Kate said...

Sya! We have the same bubble machine - it's so cool :)