Sunday, January 27, 2008

S4O-Friendly Designers

If you're into *S4O/S4H (though some prefer the term DD40), go and check out this. Got it off kaylaugh over at DST. She had bookmarked every designer stores that allow S4H use without additional fee. Isn't that great or what? I am in the business as well so it was really nice to know that there are a lot of designers out there that would allow S4H use. No, I am not thinking of going shopping just yet. Eventhough my payment for this month had just come in, I am already happy with the stash I have now. But right now, I'm eyeing this alpha beads by Micheline Martin at SSD...

LOL... of all things, I'm thinking of buying alpha beads? D'uh! Don't blame me; alpha beads are essential. I love them! The ones that I have right now are freebies, so obviously I can't use them for my S4H work. Anyway, I don't need to buy any kits right now since I had just splurged at Polka Dot Potato last week and also at the Melissa Bennett's store at SBB, where I got to buy 2 full-sized kits for the price of one. Oh yeah, I also bought the Gina Cabrera's Lovey Dovey Mega Kit at a great bargain. The retail price was actually $8.99 but I got it for only $3.99 because of their early bird bonus thing. Sweet! (But pity that kit can't be used for S4H cos Gina asked for $50 Paypal fee for commercial licensing and seriously, I don't have that kind of money)

Oh well, all I gotta say is that when you shop, do shop wisely. Look out for deals and sales and bonuses. Oh, and do check out the DST monthly newsletter which you can download on the site. That's where I found out about the Melissa Bennett 50% sale, which was not mentioned in her store...

Till then, toodles and happy scrapping everyone!

* S4O - Scrapping for Others, S4H - Scrapping for Hire (both are synonymous). DD4O is Designing Digitally for Others, if I'm not mistaken.

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