Friday, January 11, 2008

I Bought My First Kit!

Indeed, today is a very proud day for me because after all these time of downloading freebies, I finally bought my first kit.

And I am so in love with it!!

Actually, I accidentally added it to my cart at Peppermint Creative and when I wanted to download the January monthly kit 'After Midnight' that they have over there, the Spring Jelly Bean (April 2007 kit, if I'm not mistaken), was also checked out. And when the screen shows the login for Paypal, I just decided, what the heck. It's only USD $1.00 by the way. More or less RM3 je. So darn cheap!

Seriously, cannot tahanlooking at all the beautiful kits. Have to remind myself to get a grip or else I will be left with no money pulak nanti.

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