Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Do I Join Creative Teams?

Here are the reasons...

  1. To achieve my goal to scrap at least 100 layouts before year end. Actually, you know what, maybe I should have changed that to a bigger number because by the rate I'm going right now, I would have 100 layouts before the end of March. LOL... So right now, I'm trying for at least 250 layouts before year end.
  2. I need to scrap all those photos from 2007.. Nuff said!
  3. To get myself out there. I need to be in the know, people need to know what I am capable of. (LOL...)
  4. I get to score the goods! I had always imagined CT members as models parading around with designers' new creation. This is the same thing! We get the goods for free, and that is practically the best thing ever...
  5. It's all about challenging myself. I mean, take a look at both of these layouts that I worked on yesterday...

    Credits here

    Credits here

    They are both different, right? That's what I really like about being in a CT because you have to adapt your style with their stuff. Take for example, the layout 'You Colour Our Lives' (featuring my niece, as usual), I used stuff from Danielle Young's Wonderful Wizard kit (available in Oscraps on the 27th Jan). Well, if you must know, I'm not the type who likes colourful layouts. Usually, I stick to one colour scheme and just work on that, but for this one, I really had so much fun playing around with all the colourful stuff. It was hard, but still fun.

    And now, for the second layout 'Remember', featuring me and my good friend back in uni, I used Lori Wiley's Sweetheart kit. Again, not something that I would usually scrap with (because of the artsy look I guess), but it was a lot of fun creating this. At first I was stuck on how I wanted this to look and it was really driving me crazy, but I love the way it turned out. And when I first started doing it, I did not think about the The Digi Dares challenge #72, but I when I added another butterfly, I was struck by how I could enter this for the challenge. So there I was duplicating everything. I think I got everything... :)

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