Saturday, January 19, 2008

Go Crazy at the Potato Bar!

Seriously! Polka Dot Potato is having this thing they called Potato Bar where you can buy your digital scrapbooking supplies for just $0.99! The best part is that they have new storewide TOU and all items are S40-friendly! Yours truly is happy, happy, happy and can't wait to do some damages to her CC. (Well, don't worry, I have set a limit to myself or else I'm gonna suffer when it comes to payment next month)

And oh, good news, I have been accepted as Guest CT for Mama Mia for the month of January and February. Can't wait to start playing around with her stuff.

This is one happy day for me!!!

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zakirahzakaria said...

Sya, so sorry bout the Amyleigh CT call! My sleeping pattern tak betul bcos of this CT thing. I applied for so many CTs and were kicked out (literally, LOL). Getting in her CT is like a dream come true. Have so many flaws to improve, I think your LOs are seriously lawa. I'm still looking for my own style. Mcm susah nak jumpe je. But I guess I just need 2 give myself some time to get used with this scrapping thing. I started last December, so I'm really, really new to this.

I've seen your gallery kat TDC. And WOW. I don't think i can create LOs like that. You rock Sya! And thanks for the comment!