Saturday, February 09, 2008

57 Layouts!!

I've done 57 layouts since January! And that's 124 layouts since I first started in June 2007. Can you believe it? It's still early in the year and hopefully this creative streak of mine will stay until the end of the year. :)

Oh yeah, I have several projects that I need to work on.

1) Our Indonesia Holiday album. My family and I went to Indonesia last August and I haven't scrapped about it. I've done like a couple pages and here they are..

2) My parents' 2007 Travel Album. They went to lots of places last year and my mom asked me to do it so that she can show those pictures to her friends. I'm thinking simple and clean layouts with small amount of elements. Shouldn't be too hard. The only problem I foresee is to get my mom to sit down and tell stories about the pictures like they places they went to, the people they met, etc.

3) My 'All About Me' album. I was thinking of doing an ABC album, until I ran out of the characteristics to be used. I mean, what can you use for X, Y, Z? So I'm thinking of doing something that defines me such as my fear of driving (back in the days I mean!), my love/hate relationship with my job, etc..

4) Digi journal ala Brittney! I'm so excited to do this.. LOL..

Anyway, here's something that I wanted to share. Last week, (I think, LOL) I printed out all the LOs that I did last year and put it in the album. Here they are..

Doesn't it look nice? I totally love the outcome. Oh anyway, I printed out some of the layouts in 4x4. No money lor. LOL.. Maybe next time.. :)

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Zakirah said...

Wow, 57 gorgeous LOs! Congrats!!
I love your idea of printing the LOs in 4x4. Save money, lol!