Thursday, February 07, 2008

...and finally I'm done!

With the PGD Challenge that is. All I have to say is 'Wow!!' That really took a toll on me but I had great fun doing the seven challenges. Here are the remaining four layouts for my submission.. The Good Morning Sunshine is a scraplift of Whit's Bagged. It's a wonderful LO and I had so much fun working on this. Here's the credits... And oh Zakirah, I used one of your glitter swirlies. Or at least part of it. LOL..

Here's another one. This is for Challenge #5, which is to scrap a photo of someone we didn't know. In this case, it's Madison, Sherrie's daughter. She's a lovely kid, isn't she? I used the Sugar & Spice tea bag tags because I thought it fits her personality perfectly well because Sherrie told us that she's really sensitive but can cop an attitude like a teenager, and can be wickedly stubborn. I really hope this layout shows that side of hers. :) Credits here.

Here's the one for challenge #6, the challenge that I dreaded at first but loved the outcome in the end. And oh, look at the papers! I am sooooo in love with the papers. At first, I thought of buying other things (elements) for my last ever coupon for the challenge but upon seeing a layout using the Lovebug Paper Pack, I knew that I had to have it. So now I have it and had never been more glad. LOL... Credits here.

And here's the last one. The toughest one, I must say cos we have to do a messy, fun and funky LO of someone or something that makes us laugh. These pictures were taken during my dad's bday dinner last January. I chose them because during every single birthday celebration we have ever had, my niece Syara never failed to crack us up with her cake-eating antics. If you notice, you can see the cream on her nose. And look at her licking the cream off the cake. ROTFL Syara, you're so cute!! And oh, eventhough it took me a long time to think of how to do this LO, etc, in the end, I really had a great time doing something that I wouldn't normally do. LOL.. Credits here.

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