Sunday, February 17, 2008

What an Unproductive Weekend!

Yes, you guessed right. No LOs to share this weekend. I thought for sure I would have at least a couple of LOs to share, but there's nothing. So, I guess it is an unproductive weekend, in terms of scrapping, which was a shame because it's the only time I can scrap. Well, I guess this weekend is just too full of activities as opposed to the weekends before this. On Saturday, we (me, my sisters, my niece and my sister's friend) went to Putrajaya to attend our friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party and later on went to Dataran Putrajaya to take pics, which made me happy since there were many scrapworthy pics. Scrapworthy pics make a scrapper really happy! LOL... My eldest brother's family came over at night and spent their Saturday night and Sunday with us, which enabled me to capture more of my nephew's cheeky side. I swear to God, he's such a cutie!!

Anyway, the other day, my dad asked me whether I had worked on the pages for my parents' 2007 Travel Book and I had to shamefully say that I had not done a thing. Ooops.. But on Saturday, I managed to buy Nancy Comelab's February Cluster Surprise which was only $2, and I would have to say that those cluster frames are perfect for what I have in mind. Of course, I won't just be using those frames for the travel book, but that's what I will primarily be using. Anyway, my dad said he would like to have it as photobook, so basically I am so darn excited!!

Another news to share. This morning, I received an email from Zakirah, offering me a place on Kawouette's CT, since she wanted another CT member who can speak English. Of course I jumped at the chance. I am currently in the process of gaining access to the CT forum. This would be a challenge for sure because Zakirah said that the forum is mostly in French, but then I love challenges and I am pretty sure I will be able to scrape through. :)

p.s: Zakirah, I just saw one your posts on Kawoutte's forum and all I have to say is LOL... Since when do you write in French? Hahahaha... This would be a great experience indeed cos for Kalanice's CT, the words are translated in English, so I don't really feel the need to use French, so now it seems that I would have to use it. Thank God for Google Translate though. I didn't know any French!

p.p.s: And oh, just because I felt like an entry without pictures is boring, here's a preview of what Becki Kress has in her store now. Funky stars that has cardboard, glitter, sequins, tin foil, and alpha beads!! Seriously very pretty.. :) It is now in the store for $2.50 (regular price $3), so you save 17%. Don't forget, her offer to get In Stitches for free with purchase of at least $5 of her products is still available until the 18th. The element pack is not available separately, so go and grab the chance before it's too late!

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