Monday, February 04, 2008

Creative Team, Contest, Challenges... OH MY!

*CAUTION: Long post ahead cos I have lots of LOs to share.*

Oh my sounds just about right! I had wondered whether it's a good thing to have sooooo many things on my plate right now, but guess what? I'm loving it too much to complain about it. I already hate my day job now and it's time for me to do something that I really, really love for a change.

Anyway, to start off, here are some layouts for my creative teams that I would like to share..

Credits here

Credits here

Both these layouts were made using Danielle Young's Enamored Hearts kit. Beautiful kit, I love it so, so much!

Up next are these layouts made using Lori Wiley's Blue magic kit. Again, another beautiful kit to scrap with, especially if your style is more artsy and collage-y. And I am aware that there is nothing blue on my layout! LOL...

Credits here

Credits here

Here are two layouts using Ruby Rynne's Selection Box kit. Truly a beautiful kit!!

Credits here
This is currently my very favourite LO!!

Credits here
Here's the one for Mama Mia, using her February 08 Grab Bag. Lots of wonderful stuff in there. I especially love the papers!!

Credits here

In other CT related news, I had been accepted as a CT member for Becki Kress, Cherie Shields and Kalanice. And the other day, Ruby Rynne asked me whether I would like to change my position as a Guest on her CT and become a permanent member. I jumped at the chance! Other than that, I had also been accepted as a team member for another CT but I'm not allowed to announce it just yet so you will have to wait in one or two weeks' time. I had also been accepted as a Guest for Sugarplum Paperie, which I am really excited about cos I really, really love her stuff. Anyway, I think this is enough CT work for me. I'm not gonna apply anymore. It's better to focus on what I already have now. :)


Okay, now moving on to the next topic: challenges.

I am currently in the running for the guest spot on Pixel Gypsy Designs' Gypsy Girl, where I have to design 7 layouts in 7 days. They have 7 different challenge every day, which was really challenging! Here are three of the layouts that I had done. Oh sheesh, I still have to do a lot more!!

Day 1 Challenge: Scrap a Prominent Moment of 2007

Day 2 Challenge: LO with white space (N@ked page)

Day 3 Challenge: Scrap a fave photo and turned it into something you had never done before.


Next thing would be challenges. Here's the LO I made for the Candy Jar #7 Challenge at Digital Candy.


Brittney said...

I LOVE that second LO! I hope you don't mind if I scraplift it cuz I TOTALLY love it!!!!!

Sya said...

brittney: OMG I'm honoured if you want to scraplift it. Pls tell me where you upload it so that I can take a look and leave you some love ok. :)

zakirahzakaria said...

Waah SYa, congrats on your CTs!! Great teams you got there, I'm so proud of you!!

And yes, your LOs are so beautiful too. I second Brittney for the scraplift. I saved it in my Scraplift folder.Ngeee :D

teacher jessy said...

Hi Sya! I love your LO's. They're so eye-pleasing!! You're talented, You go, girl! Looking forward to see more. Hope to know you better :)