Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Tribute to Hermy..

Okay, well... Hermy is my laptop. Yes, it is short for Hermione. Please don't laugh, but I named it that way because computers are intelligent and Hermione is intelligent too. And oh, just in case you're still wondering, it is THE Hermione from Harry Potter series. (But then, you can never make that generalization about intelligence, right? I mean, Bharathi, one of my colleagues, called me Hermione and I am no way near as intelligent as Hermione) Ok, back to the point.

Anyway, this is the layout that I made using lauraskathi's Gabriella kit (available on FPD). Actually, the LO is supposed to be my entry for the lauraskathi's Guest CT contest, but alas, I missed the deadline. I thought it's supposed to be on the 19th Feb but actually it's 17th. (Just typing out the numbers make me realize that it's nearly to the end of February already. Yikes!)

Click on the image for credits..

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