Wednesday, February 27, 2008

LO Share

Hey lovely peeps, here's my newest LO. This is for ADSR 3 Challenge #1. We're supposed to use the template by Christy Haig and scrap about our favourite scrapping subject, using our favourite colour, plus one favourite element used three times on the LO. From the layout, of course you can see that my fave subject is my niece and nephew (Syara and Azfar), my fave colour is blue and my fave element is notebook papers. For me, a layout is NOT complete without notebook papers.

*click on the image for credits*

Journaling reads: It’s hard to imagine how easily you can fall in love with someone. That is how I feel when I’m with my niece and nephew. I love them so much it hurts. I wanted to always be there for them, protect them from any harm, be the doting aunty, spoiling them without feeling guilty, hugging and kissing them until they complained, making them smile and laugh. the thought of them just warms my heart. I might not be able to have children of my own in the future, but i guess this is ok, because these sweet, little darlings already owned my heart and soul.

I did this in about 2 hours, I think. I guess I can say that I am a speedy scrapper, especially when I know what I have to do. Like this LO for example, I know for sure I wanted to scrap about these two darlings and had even had picked out the pictures, the colour scheme and the kit that I wanted to use. Basically, I had planned everything already, so that's why it took me only a short while to do this. Anyway, I have to speed scrap a lot because I don't have time! If only there are more hours in the day.

Eventhough I am constantly complaining of the lack of time, I am still accepting offers for CTs. Recently, I accepted Sherry Ferguson's offer. Love her stuff! Check it out here...

And this is not exactly CT stuff, but I had the chance to play with silversword's kit, Adesina, the other day and these are the two layouts I made with it.. (Thank you, Lydia!)

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