Friday, December 22, 2006

Beautiful Stuff

Sequins, pressed flowers and some patterned papers. Just bought the sequins and love it because it's so shiny. Can't wait to do some pieces using them. As for the pressed flowers, I have only used them recently and I love it! Got a lot of those from old bunga telur that my mom kept. I'm making the best of the things that are already available instead of buying them.

I usually use wrapping papers as my patterned paper. So many varieties to choose from. So far, I have no problem with it. Here's a tip to buy/use the wrapping paper: buy the one that is not from shiny paper. I usually buy the papers from Hinode shop (the RM5 shop) because it goes for the price of RM 1 apiece. Other places sold them for RM 1.50 or higher.

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