Monday, December 11, 2006

Getting The Ideas

In my humble opinion, the best possible way to get ideas for a layout is to look at other people's layouts. You can surf the net or you can buy scrapbook magazines that are available on the newsstands. But I prefer surfing the net to get ideas because those magazines tend to be so pricey, especially because I am on a student loan and students loans are not supposed to be spent on things like that. ;D

The sites that I visited the most are, and There are many others, believe me, but these are the ones that I visits frequently.

Go through the gallery to view the layouts. There are countless beautiful layouts out there. What I usually did was look and if I see anything that I like, I try to do a sketch of the layout and try to incorporate that into my own layouts. Sometimes I worry about copying but as I work on my layouts, I didn't end up with the same kind of layout that I based my layout on because every person has their own style, so it's not always the same. So now I don't worry anymore. Plus, I think there's a term in scrapbooking called scraplift where you 'copied' from other people's layout. Correct me if I'm wrong!

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