Monday, December 11, 2006

The Earlier Stuff

Double S I love this one and I don't know why. I guess it's all the simplicity that the layout exuded. I just cut up the blue piece of paper and paste it around the pictures. I didn't realize this before but the blue paper looked like the letter 'S' right? How fitting, seeing that my name and my sister's name (or at least her nickname) starts with 'S'.

Beautiful FriendshipThis is a layout a did of a picture of myself and my two sisters. I laughed when I saw the flowers. Hehe... Gone already the days when I used to cut up the flowers myself to embellish the layout. Gosh, that was totally hideous!

Turning 2 A picture of me and my siblings when I had my 2nd birthday. Very simple and very easy to make. But the number 2 looked a little too big for my liking. Oh well...

I love the design on this one but the colour is like so bosan, just like the last one...

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