Monday, December 11, 2006

The Start of An Obsession

I started to be so obsessed with scrapbooking when I stumbled upon this site: It was totally random. I don't really know how I got there but it was a link from a totally random blog that I visited. I don't even know what made me so interested to check out the site but there I was, browsing through the galleries, looking at all these beautiful layouts and found myself thinking, "Hey, I want to do that too."

So I did. My first few attempts was far from decent, but it was okay. I'm still learning after all. Gradually, I improved and developed my own style. Now, I make cards and gifts for my family and friends instead of buying them. It feels great! I love what I am doing and I was like, "If only I can do this for a living."

This is how one of my first layout looked like:

Wanna know more about scrapbooking? Go here

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