Friday, December 22, 2006

No One Else But Yours Truly

Out of these three, I love the uppermost one. That was my first experiment with pressed flowers. Don't ask why the whole layout has pink/red hue but suddenly the flowers are purple. I like it, so it didn't matter. Much. :) Whatever, it works...

The second one has the same colour like the previous one. The pictures are also taken at the same time: my 2nd birthday. This is also the first time I ever used the 'ribbon' thingy. Don't wanna comment on that one. I know it looked less than stellar. Hehe... I wrote 'You only lived your childhood once' at the side there but it couldn't be seen in the picture.

The third one is simple but I love it. The picture that I used is too small. My bad! I made a mistake so had to cut out a lot. Oops... and there was something that I didn't like about the journaling box, but whatever. (Journaling reads: KTM had a Family Day when I was about 5 and mum dressed me up as a hula-girl. I have a pic somewhere that shows me crying in front of everyone. I'm such a scaredy cat!)

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