Sunday, December 24, 2006

Kak Su's Book

Kak Su gave me and Yana her autograph book yonks ago (last August I think) and Yana had written her part already. I kept the book until now and felt that it is time for me to finally write my part. And this is what I came up with. For me, this is just okay. When I finished this, I was wondering why the hell I did not use any patterned paper eh? It would have been nicer with little bits of patterned paper, I think. The uppermost one is basically my name, address and phone number, all blurred due to privacy. Haha! The below one is folded accordian-style and can open up to reveal more. The 'Read On' is a sticker. I added the paper clip, ribbon and the pressed flowers because the page is too bland for my liking.

What I had written was: Hidup ini ada warna-warni yang terlakar pada kanvas. Walaupun tidak cantik, ia tetap membawa sejuta makna.

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